Support the Rehoboth Ambulance Committee

Your generosity supports our ongoing operations!

How your donations help
Each ambulance is replaced every 3-6 years. In addition, we also maintain the ambulances yearly.
Approximately $150,000/year
This includes perishable supplies that expire regularly or are consumed on each call, as well as replacing equipment as it ages or gets damaged.
Dedicated Staff
Approximately $350,000/year
This allows us to keep our staff educated, properly protected against the dangers they face, have appropriate uniforms and cover salary

We need your support

Your donations help us continue to purchase top of the line equipment, provide training to our dedicated staff, and improve the quality of care we provide. Currently, we staff the ambulance seven days a week with a crew in the station from 7am - 5pm. Our nighttime crews are on call from home. We are looking at wasy to expand this staffing, with a goal of 24 hours/day in the station.

“We strive continuously improve our ability to respond in a timely fashion and the care we provide”

Consider making a donation in an amount of your choosing, joining our subscription program, or both! Either way, we appreciate any support you are able to provide