Rehoboth Ambulance Committee, Inc
PO Box 156
Rehoboth, MA 02769
Phone: 508-252-2318
Fax: 508-463-0842

The leadership of the Rehoboth Ambulance Committee is composed for four elected corporate officers, as well as a seven member elected Board of Directors. The Board is composed of 4 members from the Committee plus three members from the community at large. In addition, the Chair appoints several Administrative and Operations Officers.

Corporate Officers
Matt Bomes
Deb Craft
Kenneth Marcotrigiano
Bonnie Meagher
Jessica Steinkamp
Cheryl Withers
Operations Officers
Deputy Chief: Reuben Fischman
Field Supervisor:
CQI: Reuben Fischman
Training Officer: Jenna Przeszlo, Jessica Steinkamp
Health and Safety:
Vehicle Maintenance: Matt Bomes, Christopher Darling
Supplies: Sabrina Meagher, Steve Przeszlo
Information Technology: Reuben Fischman