Rehoboth Ambulance Committee, Inc
PO Box 156
Rehoboth, MA 02769
Phone: 508-252-2318
Fax: 508-463-0842

Special Medical Needs

Help us help you in an emergency such as a hurrican, blizzard or other disaster. History as shown that we need as complete a list as possible of all residents that have special medical needs such as:

  • Oxygen dependent
  • Respiratory equipment such as a ventilator
  • Any medical devices that require constant power source
  • Patients on a transplant list
  • Bed ridden patients

By collecting this information, we will be able to touch base with you in advance of a forcasted weather event to ensure you will be all set for the event, or arrange assistance as best we can. Providing this information is completely voluntary, however it will make have a positive impact on our ability to provide services in the event you call 911, or we have a weather event or other disaster.

All information submitted will be protected by appropriate HIPAA laws and regulations.

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