Rehoboth Ambulance Committee, Inc
PO Box 156
Rehoboth, MA 02769
Phone: 508-252-2318
Fax: 508-463-0842

Non-emergency Services

Rehoboth Ambulance Committee provides non-emergency transport to the residents of the Town of Rehoboth on a scheduled basis, when operational need permits. The Ambulance's primary responsibility is to provide 911 service to the town using the first out ambulance and the on-duty ambulance crew. Therefore, in order to provide non-emergency transports, we must schedule these transports in advance and make arrangements to have an off-duty crew available.

In order to best serve the requests for non-emergency transports, we require 24-48 hours notice for all requests for non-emergency transports. This allows us ample time to arrange for an off-duty crew for the transport, or notify the requester that we will be unable to accomodate their request. Requests made with less then 24 hours notice may not be accomodated.

Rehoboth Ambulance provides non-emergency transports to Residents of the Town of Rehoboth for the following types of requests:

  • Return a patient home from the hospital where an alternate means of transport is not medically appropriate
  • Transport a patient to the hospital for a scheduled visit (e.g. admission, surgery) where an alternate means of transport is not medically appropriate
  • Transfer a patient from one hospital to another

To schedule a transport, please contact us at (508) 252-2318 extension 2, and ask to leave a message for the Deputy Chief. Please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Patient's name
  • Patient's phone number
  • Pickup address
  • Destination address
  • Date and Tiime of transport
  • Reason for transport

Please note, that we can only provide non-emergency transport services for residents of the town of Rehoboth

Policy regarding non-emergency transport: Rehoboth Ambulance's primary responsibility is the 911 ambulance service to the Town of Rehoboth. When staffing and operational need permit, we will attempt to accomodate requests for non-emergency transfers for residents of the Town of Rehoboth. All requests for non-emergency transfer must be made 24-48 hours prior to date of service. We may not be able to accomodate requests made with less then 24 hours notice.  Rehoboth Ambulance Committee will bill for services rendered during non-emergency transports.  It is our policy to submit these claims first to your insurance company when that information is available.