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Rehoboth Ambulance Subscription Program

In an emergency, seconds count and the care provided by Rehoboth Ambulance to the residents and visitors to the Town of Rehoboth often times makes an immediate and positive impact. However, we recognize that the costs associated with being transported by an Ambulance can come as quite a shock as described in a recent Sun Chronicle article titled Lifeline: After an emergency, ambulance bills can be staggering.

Rehoboth ambulance has ALWAYS worked with our patients to reduce bills, or in cases of demonstrated hardship complete waive the bill.

We are introducing a new program that can, in many cases, help avoid ever seeing a bill - the Rehoboth Ambulance Subscription Program. Very simply put, the subscription program will automatically waive copays and coinsurance, and will offer a 50% reduction in unmet deductibles. The cost for this program is $75.00/calendar year and covers all members of a household who have insurance.

Subscription letters are being mailed in late November inviting you to complete the form and submit payment to take effect on January 1st, or when the check is dated (whichever is later). This means that you can sign up now, or anytime during the calendar year. However, the subscription does NOT apply to any ambulance transports that occurred prior to the date of your payment.

If you have any questions about the program, please email Reuben Fischman at, or call us at 508-252-2318

Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s world of increasing health care costs, pre-hospital emergency transportation can be extremely costly as a result of deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance. The ambulance subscription program allows us to waive your co-pays and co-insurance payments for an annual fee. In the case of deductibles, we are able to offer a reduced rate. When you subscribe to the program, Rehoboth Ambulance will bill your insurance provider and accept reimbursement as payment in full. You will not receive a bill for any remaining balances.

The cost is $75.00 annually

No, the subscription is not tax deductible. However, as Rehoboth Ambulance Committee is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, if you’d like to make a one time tax deductible donation, please visit our website at

No. Your cancelled check serves as a receipt for your subscription. Our billing company tracks your membership in the program and handles application of the subscription to your transport. If there are any questions of applicability, you would need to contact them.

Rehoboth Ambulance uses Coastal Medical Billing as a third party billing agency. They can be reached at (866) 268-5200 or 9 Main Street, Suite 2K, Sutton, MA 01590, or

The subscription fee covers all members who reside at the address including the head of household, spouse, and any unmarried children under the age of 25. This fee will also cover any dependents legally residing with you (e.g., elderly parents). The program DOES NOT cover visitors to your residence.

This program is open to all residents of the Town of Rehoboth. Businesses are not eligible at this time. Residents who wish to participate MUST have health insurance in order to participate. Due to state regulations, residents who have Medicaid are NOT eligible to participate.

No. This is not an insurance program. All members who participate in the program must have health insurance and agree to allow Rehoboth Ambulance to bill their insurance for services provided. In the event that the insurance company sends you the payment, you agree to forward that payment to Rehoboth Ambulance. In effect, this program is a cost sharing/pre-payment program in which subscribers have pre-paid for service and that cost is spread across all subscribers.

Maybe. If you have deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance on one or both of your insurance plans, then you will likely benefit from this program

In the event that your insurance carrier does not cover the transport, or covers at a greatly reduced reimbursement, your responsibility is to request the necessary appeals from your insurance carrier requesting additional coverage for the transport. If the appeal is filed over the phone, you should provide our billing company with your reference number and/or appeals letter. In the event you, as a subscriber, do not file the appeals in a timely fashion, then you are responsible for the full amount of the bill.

In the event all appeals are exhausted, then the subscription will consider the insurance carrier’s reimbursement as payment in full.

Any 9-1-1 emergency transports provided by the Rehoboth Ambulance Committee are covered by this program. In the case of co-pays and co-insurance, the subscription considers the insurance reimbursements as payment in full. In the case of a deductible that has not been met, the program will reduce the amount owed by 50%.

The program may ONLY be used for 9-1-1 emergency transports with Rehoboth Ambulance. However, there is no limit on the number of times your subscription benefits apply during the course of the year – whether it is 1 transport or 100 transports, your subscription benefits apply each time.

Rehoboth Ambulance is required by Statewide Treatment Protocols to transport you to the closest appropriate facility. Within the bounds of your medical condition, our statewide treatment protocols, and your personal and family preferences we will make every effort to transport you to your hospital of choice. Due to our geographic location, we are fortunate to have quite a number of hospitals within our response area.

In the event Rehoboth Ambulance is unable to respond to a call for service, our mutual aid partners will respond to cover the call. If another Town’s ambulance (e.g., Swansea, Seekonk, Attleboro, Dighton) transports you to the hospital, you will be responsible for any bills in accordance with that service’s billing practices. The Rehoboth Ambulance Subscription program applies ONLY to emergency transports provided by Rehoboth Ambulance Committee, Inc.

The subscription program is offered annually. In the event you do not sign up during the annual subscription drive, you will have to wait until the next year to subscribe.

Please contact Rehoboth Ambulance Committee with any questions at 508-252-2318, or use the Contact Us link

DISCLAIMER: All figures used in these examples are for example purposes only and DO NOT represent actual costs you will incur for ambulance services. Your specific insurance coverages will vary and you should consult your insurance plan descriptions for exact coverages, specifically for any co-pay, co-insurance or deductible amounts. Rehoboth Ambulance CANNOT provide specifics for every unique circumstance.

Example 1: Insurance Co-Pays

In this example, assume the insurance carrier requires a co-pay of $200.00 for ambulance services.

Claim submitted to insurance carrier: $2100.0
Amount covered by insurance: $1900.00
Patient Co-pay responsibility: $200.00

Your out of pocket costs as a subscriber: $0.00
Your out of pocket costs if you are not a subscriber: $200.00

Example 2: Insurance Co-insurance payments

In this example, assume the insurance carrier as a 10% co-pay after the deductible is met. For purposes of this example, assume the deductible has been met

Claim submitted to insurance carrier: $2100.00
Amount covered by insurance: $1890.00
Patient co-insurance responsibility: $210.00

Your out of pocket costs as a subscriber: $0.00
Your out of pocket costs if you are not a subscriber: $210.00

Example 3: Insurance deductibles not met

In this example, assume there is a $2,000 deductible that has not been met. For purposes of this example, we’ll assume that $0.00 has been paid against the deductible.

Claim submitted to insurance carrier: $2100.00
Amount covered by insurance: $100.00
Patient responsibility deductible not met: $2000.00

Your out of pocket costs as a subscriber: $1000.00 (50% reduction as a subscriber)
Your out of pocket costs if you are not a subscriber: $2000.00