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Become a member, participate in a ride along or become a community board member!

Already an EMT or Paramedic? Want to become one and work on an ambulance? If so, fill out our membership application. Or if you want to support us without working on the ambulance feel free to become a member.

Become a member At the moment, Rehoboth Ambulance is not accepting applications. To be notified when we start again, please use the contact us page

Not sure if being an EMT is for you? Fill out the observer application for an opportunity to ride along and see what we're all about.

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Other ways to get involved

Don't want to work on the ambulance? You can still become a member and work with us at public events to promote the ambulance, such as the harvest block party. If you have an interest in helping to shape EMS delivery within the Town of Rehoboth, contact us to find out about serving on our Board of Directors

Want to make a donation? Or perhaps subscribe? These are also great ways to get involved and support the Rehoboth Ambulance.